Understand Ergodicity with Simulations

Ole Peters is one of the researchers that popularized the concept of ergodicity through his twitter account and some youtube videos that went nerd viral. He also has multiple journal articles on the topic as well but we'll just call him a viral tweeter:)

Ergodicity is a complex mathematical concept.

In this talk Ole Peters walks through the concept using an easy to understand coin flip gambling game. Particularly the first 15 minutes of the talk is pretty easy to follow and eye opening.

I have created this colab notebook that allows you to simulate the same game and generate the plots from the talk. Also you can change the game's parameters and see its effects. Experimentation with simulations is the best way to clearly understand these types of complicated concepts.

If you have never used google colab, it is extremely simple to get into. You don't need to know any coding. All you need is a google account and you can run python code in browser. Here's another google colab notebook going through baby steps in colab. Try it. It is easy and fun.

Understanding Ergodicity with Simulations 2020-09-07